SLB Photography

Fall Run Park

30-ft waterfall in Shaler
Fall Run Falls

A new year and a new location! The new location was Fall Run Park and it’s 10 minutes outside of Downtown Pittsburgh. The 95 acre park has a bit of a surprise … A 30ft waterfall! The path is an easy 1 mile from the beginning with the falls about half way. A fairly flat trail provides a nice stroll to enjoy the surroundings, except for near the falls where there are a steep set of steps. Fall Run Creek runs through the ravine and creates a beautiful setting especially when running well over the rocks. The water shoots over and makes interesting patterns in the creek. The waterfall is really nothing short of spectacular considering it’s surrounded by suburbia. The flat rocks at the bottom of the falls are really slippery and in fact I lost my balance a few times from where I was setup. With this park being so close I absolutely cannot wait to go back. Just perfect for a stroll to get out in nature and be around my absolute favorite thing about the outdoors …. water!

Shaler Township
Jumping water at Fall Run Creek
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