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NiSi V6 Filter System

NiSi V6 Holder and CPL review

The NiSi V6 holder and CPL filter just arrived. I promptly opened the box and affixed to my camera so here are some initial thoughts. Three step-up rings were included, 77mm, 72mm, and a 67mm. These are what you use to attach to the CPL filter ring, which is 82mm. This is a nice touch that those rings are included, I also purchased the 49mm step up ring for my Fuji 16mm lens. First thing I noticed was that the step-up rings were very thin, they are metal, as is the main holder, which is what I’m used to coming from the LEE system (Lee’s main holder is thick plastic). Thin though they feel very strong and this seems done to cut down on the bulk. Everything fixed to my lens nicely and I don’t have initial fear that I will be dropping this filter, like I did the last. This is because of the way the CPL sits in the filter holder. It’s slightly recessed and screws in. I recommend screwing the holder for the CPL on your lens first and then screwing in the CPL filter. The CPL filter allows for the CPL to be tuned independently from the Neutral Density filter (ND), for me this means not having to worry about the filters falling off. I really like the fact that NiSi included the CPL filter with the kit. This was a huge reason why I decided to go this route. The CPL filter was also thin, but that’s due to it needing to fit into the holder. It’s also nice that I can use the components separately, say if I only wanted to shoot with the CPL, which I often do.

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