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McConnell's Mills

McConnell’s Mill

Sometimes we need to go back to where it all started. That’s how I felt during this adventure. Everyone was out of the house early. I sat there going through archives of some older photo’s and something started to nag at me. Go out! Get outside! Recently I’ve noticed some issues with my camera body and I don’t have a backup, but the feeling persisted. Go out! So I packed up my gear and headed out the door. I thought it would be cool to check out Alpha Falls. I’ve never seen it flow well. Mostly a trickle here and there so out I went. Alpha Falls is the tallest falls in McConnell’s Mill State Park. It’s often overlooked because it’s not near the main park. There is a short unnamed connector trail that will lead you straight to the top of the falls. This isn’t the route I took, of course, though it is the easiest. When flowing it’s an impressive 35ft drop over the edge of the cliff from which it flows. I’ve never seen it flowing well so I was quite excited. I made a quick stop down below where the water flows into Slippery Rock Creek. I like this spot and the rapids here. When visiting McConnell’s Mills one would be remiss not to visit the mill and red covered bridge. Such a cool adventure and I haven’t explored that side of the park in a long time. I’m so glad I did. The temps were brisk and it was a lovely time in the forest.

Alpha Falls Winter 2018
Alpha Falls
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