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Foggy Forbes State Forest

This isn’t a better way for us to celebrate the new year then in a cabin! We got a late started headed up there and on the way missed a beautiful sunset, no matter. I can’t really describe the feeling I get waking up early in the forest. Early morning is quiet, the sky still dark. It had been raining over night. I was excited for what might be in store. I headed up to one of my favorite locations in Forbes State Forest. I noticed wispy fog as I made my way up the mountain. Once I pulled into the trailhead, fog had fully descended and wrapped me up. It was amazing!! A short hike down the trailhead surrounded in fog, it was peaceful if not a tad creepy with the wind. I ended up at the bog. I couldn’t believe how different the scene was, last year snow was up to my knees, this year dense fog. I was in awe of this place. It was just starting to spit a little rain on me as I was setting up my camera. I had to be careful, if I shot in one direction I was constantly wiping my lens. Honestly, rain and fog is my favorite weather to be out in, and snow, when it first falls. I couldn’t help but get lost in my thoughts as I was out there. I guess fog will do that to you. I thought how life changes, the good things, the things I’m grateful for. After an hour or so the fog lifted and I decided it was time to go back to the cabin and get warm in front of the fire.

When I got back to the cabin my wonderful wife was making breakfast and tea. I got the fire started and just as we were sitting down to eat, I saw fog descend in the valley! I couldn’t have been more excited! I quickly grabbed my gear and headed for the stream. I’ve been shooting the stream just outside our cabin for four years and I always dreamed of shooting it in fog! I finally got my wish. The fog didn’t last long, maybe 15-20 minutes or so, but it was lovely! I was invigorated and that’s exactly what I was looking for to being the year! Until next year cabin!

Linn Run Creek Fog

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