SLB Photography

Laurel Hill Fall 2018

It seemed like forever for the leaves to change and when they did it seemed they fell to the ground. I’ve always found Laurel Hill State Park so peaceful. From the minute I arrive it’s a calming place. The cloudy days, the color popping on the trees, the water calm and still. Even through the rain, Laurel Hill has a calming effect. I just get lost in that feeling.

All of that calm was broken though. When I got back and found out that a┬átragedy had struck in the very place I grew up and still frequent. My heart is broken and even still as time passes, I write this I cannot help but think of my friends and their families. Such a senseless thing, so hard to process. The community is strong and I know this, we’ve come together in sorrow to comfort each other. As Mr. Rogers was told “Look for the helpers.” That couldn’t ring more true. My heart goes out to my community.

Let’s be kind to each other. That is my ask. Let us comfort each other. Love your neighbor, no matter what.

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