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I am a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based landscape and nature photographer. I am known for my sense of adventure. I want to find and capture the views that not many will ever see. Whether it’s a lush, green Pennsylvania mountain vista, or crisp, cool rushing waterfall, it’s my goal to share those visual experiences to you.

The work I am doing is a work in progress. Starting closest to home, I am in process of exploring and getting to know our state parks and forests. Pennsylvania has a rich geological past. Most of our state was cut out of the last ice age. As residents of Pennsylvania, few are aware of the rich history of our own home state.

Being caught in the modern world drives my work. The always on-the-go society we all are forced to live and function in. Many have thrown aside a quiet space for the chatter of computers, tablets, Androids, and iThings. Those living in Pennsylvania are truly lucky in that we live an hour in any direction to sheer beauty. Mother nature is miraculous, but often the only magic in our lives is brought to us from behind the glow of a LCD screen. I am guilty of this as well. My work helps me find that sense of solitude. To heal my head and my heart. Embarking on a hike to the back- country and getting away from the city gives me a sense of strength in myself. I don’t want to forget what it is like to wake up with the birds or the magic of first sunlight streaming through the forest.

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