Dense fog on LHHT

Meet Stacy

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. A partly self-taught photographer, and partly trained at Pittsburgh Film Makers. Stacy actively participates in the local arts scene. She loves sharing what goes into her photographs. She remembers taking photos as a kid, but she pushed away her creativity and entered the corporate world. Stacy was quickly drained. With a creative mind and a background in IT, she has once again found a passion and drive in photography. She’s been into digital photography since 2008. Since then she has taken considerable time honing the craft and is always learning more.

Stacy lives with four silly, adorable cats. When not riding her bike, spinning records (yeah vinyl, remember that?!) or in the garden. She likes to play with all things that give her more “geek” cred. Oh yeah, and Stacy is a lover of all things caffeine!

Self-Portrait Stacy Butera
SLB Photography
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