SLB Photography

Linn Run State Park – Spring 2016

Linn Run Creek

Linn Run has become a fast favorite. This was our second time staying in the cabins and we’ve taken a liking to cabin #1 because it sits just atop Linn Run Creek. This trip to Linn Run couldn’t have been more fantastic! Saturday morning I woke early. It was cloudy and rain was threatening, perfect weather! I hurried up and grabbed my gear and made my way around the stream outside of the cabin. I’m so fascinated with the crystal clear water and how it flows over the boulders making shapes and lines in the water as it flows gracefully. I came back to a delicious breakfast and hot coffee. We spent some time around the camp fire while preparing for the days hike. We hiked Grove Run Trail. This was my first time on this uphill 4-mile single track trail. I was stunned from the first steps. The forest carpet was glimmering like a field of emeralds. We enjoyed all the color the forest was showing us. It’s been raining a lot this spring and the rains brought out the water features. We were constantly stunned at the water overflowing the streams and moving over boulders. I honestly felt like I was somewhere tropical. My partner said she’d never seen Grove Run like this and she’s hiked here way more than I ever have. The best thing on the trail I’d say as we made our way to the top of the ridge-line, we stopped for a snack. We looked over and in the gorge was this rushing waterfall that Dana said she’s never seen! That’s how much the water was flowing. It made for a gorgeous hike and one that I will not soon forget. Spring with all of it’s rains makes the forest a beautiful place to be. I think this is one I’ll be back to do again next spring.

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