Dense fog on LHHT

Bedford Fall Foliage Festival

Harmonipan Herb
Street Artist at Bedford Fall Foliage Festival 2012

I spent my birthday weekend in Bedford, PA. The purpose was to see some friends and go to the Fall Foliage festival. The festival was spread over two weekends in early October. I haven’t been to a festival in years. I forgot how much fun it was to walk around, see the arts and crafts, eat good food, drink good drink, and watch people. I also decided that this would be the perfect time to practice some street photography. I’m always a little shy when doing this, but with so much going on, I’d blend just fine. Between fire house fries, and wine slushies, we got to take in the countryside and it’s fine people. There were also an abundance of really cute dogs! I’m such a sucker for cute dogs! The festival was a lot of fun. This is Herb. He was a roving performer. Think classic festival music. I believe he was using a “26 Harmonipan” these are known as the classic street barrel organ. It had a rich tone, and I quite enjoyed listening.

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