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Morning at Shawnee Lake

This is a pre-dawn shot just as the sun was coming over the horizon. Enjoy!

This weekend was a relaxing weekend spent with friends. We went to Bedford, PA for their Fall Foliage Festival. It was also my birthday! My friends were kind enough to accompany me on an early morning excursion to Shawnee Lake. It’s alway fun trying to find a place you’ve never been, pre-dawn, in the dark. The road we needed to take was closed, so we ended up going around following the detour. We found a neat spot and pulled in a full 30 minutes before sunrise. That allowed me enough time to walk around and scope out good views from the spot we chose. It really was a lovely location. But the temps were around 27 degrees and we all froze. Everything was frosted over, even my tripod! This didn’t stop us from spending two hours out there. The lake was gorgeous, and because of the low temps the fog hung around all morning. Fog can sometimes be really difficult to shoot. But I like it, it’s challenging. I also used a Variable ND filter for the first time. Still have to play with it more, but I really liked being able to slow down the shutter speed even more.


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    1. Thank you Fred. You bet it makes getting up worthwhile. Especially in the winter when all I wanna do is curl up under the covers 😛

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