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The Ending of Fall at McConnell’s Mills

Fall 2015 at McConnell's Mills
Fall 2015 at McConnell’s Mills

I am always going on about McConnell’s Mills being beautiful. It’s the first place I think of when talking with someone who wants to go for a hike. I’m always thinking the beauty would pull them in. Truth is, the beauty pulls me in, always. Last weekend I needed to catch the last of the changing leaves. So to the Mills I headed. I got there a little after sunrise. There were already some cars parked in the usual location. There were a few shots I had in mind that I’ve been wanting to see if I could capture. The leaves were stunning. Amazing display of reds, yellows, oranges,and greens. I took to one of the trails close to the Mills. Looked for a spot that I liked to photograph the Red bridge. It was wet out. The rocks seemed to be more slippery than usual. I tried a few different locations until I thought I’d try the other side of the trail, it is a loop trail after all. I headed to the other side and I found a hidden alcove. It was quite difficult to get to. Carefully I climbed up and around large boulders that are all over McConnell’s Mill. Finally finding a spot to climb down put me right into this alcove. Here I photographed the man-made waterfalls and the Mill itself. I was playing here with a pano of the area. After this I climbed back out and down the trail a little further. I finally came upon a gorgeous view of the red bridge and a rock formation that I saw three lines leading into the creek and bridge. I love formations like this and look for them all the time. The are interesting visual queues. Overall, it was good to get out in the woods. It’s always good to get out in the woods. Especially in the Fall!

Happy hiking everyone!

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  1. Really a lovely shot. I have one shot of the mill from this side of the creek, but it is up closer to the mill. This little alcove really gives a stunning view and I love the way the rocks on the other side are covered with orange leaves. I was there this last Sunday for a bit.

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