SLB Photography

Winter Sunrise at Moraine

It’s hard waking up before dawn, especially when it’s cold. The reward of a winter sunrise is worth leaving a warm comfy bed cuddled next to my cats. Getting out there before the sun comes up is a great way to start a relaxing day. Sunrises are nature’s gift. Catching this light is a magical time and one of my favorite times to be out making photographs. The purples, pinks, oranges seem more intense in the winter time.

Lake Arthur as I’ve recently discovered is a wonderful place to watch sunrise unfold. Being out there is peaceful and important for me to clear my head and prepare to face another week. I’ve started to explore the area more and more to find the little coves and areas that are in secluded spots to take in sunrise and have the place to myself. Winter mornings are so quiet you can hear a pin drop minus the small waves coming off the lake as the wind blows.

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