Dense fog on LHHT

Quiet sunrise

It’s a cold morning. A quiet morning with nothing more than the chirps of birds and the crunching of frozen grass under my feet. It’s the quiet that I seek. The deep quiet shared only with the rising sun and chirping birds. The first light is starting in the sky, rising from the hills, as I’m setting up my tripod to capture this moment in time. The reflections of purple and pink on the frozen lake, glitter. I come out here week after to week to savor these moments. To take in this process and contemplate what life has thrown at me. New experiences, new realities. Let go of the old and put my best foot forward. These moments slow me down and ease the anxious thoughts that sometimes swirl around. Sitting by a vast lake in the cold, witnessing the beginning of a new day. Seeing life continue uninhibited by modern day pulls on time. Moments like this are priceless.

SLB Photography
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