SLB Photography

Water Lily on Lake Arthur

This past adventure had me out paddling Lake Arthur while the rest of the family was swimming at the beach. Firstly, I’ve really gotten into paddling again and have been so inspired by kayak photography. I’ve been able to see parts of lakes and rivers that cannot be gotten to via the hiking trail. I’ve been spending a lot of time at Moraine State Park lately, from catching gorgeous sunsets to exploring Lake Arthur in a kayak or SUP (Stand-up paddle board). We launched from Pleasant Valley area launch. From here I headed over to the opposite shore and started exploring. I found many interesting trees, both downed which drew me in visually, to the way the sun what hitting off of the leaves. In the open areas of the coves I found a sea of lily pads and found a few water lilies still in bloom. I’ve always been fascinated by water lilies and now being able to get up close to them is amazing. I’ve really been able to see their crazy underwater root system which also link the lily pad to the shallow roots anchored by the muck from the shoreline. These beautiful aquatic lotus like plants are havens for small fish and of course bullfrogs as well as dragonflies and damselflies. It’s a whole underwater forest! Being able to get out on the kayak has really opened up a whole new world and a new found sense of curiosity and wonder. The best so far was during this trip, while paddling back to the dock. I saw a bird from far away nestled in the trees. I tried to approach slowly and quietly. The bird was majestic. It’s long legs, it’s wings. I had never seen a bird like that. Turns out I saw a green heron. Beautiful bird. Unfortunately, as close as it let me get, once I took out my camera, it flew off.

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