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Blackwater State Park, West Virginia

It’s been a crazy hectic autumn season. So many changes left me with no time for leaf peeping. Looking forward to some time to finally be able to get out and about. My better half surprised me with a trip to Blackwater Falls State Park. Located in the Allegheny Mountains, in West Virginia this somewhat small but extremely beautiful state park was just the solitude I needed. First stop was namesake Blackwater Falls. The most famous waterfall in West Virginia this one is 62 ft and very popular. Snow on the ground made for a beautiful scene and we were the only ones there to enjoy it! We headed in to the small town of Davis and to our cabin for the night.

The next day was a big day. I had plans to go to Elkala Falls for some photos there. Elkala is a series of four falls off of Shay’s Run. I only made it to the first waterfall because conditions were wet and slippery. Elkala Trail isn’t long and it’s quite beautiful. Especially with the melting snow from the night before. It felt like a spring day with snowmelt falling from the trees and the trails were slick. You can reach Elkala from an unmarked trail but be very careful as it is a climb down and even a well traveled path can be treacherous. The Falls were gorgeous and flowing quite well. We met another family from Kentucky who we chatted with for a bit, after they left we had the falls to ourselves. I ended up spending a good amount of time here trying to capture the falls from many angles. I finally climbed back up to the trail and made my way back to the car to warm up. My gloves and jacket completely soaked.

By then it was almost noon and time to stretch my legs and get in a good hike. I wanted to catch sunrise at Lindy’s Point. Lindy’s Point overlooks Blackwater Canyon from 3,000 feet and is a popular spot for sunset. We got to the trailhead an hour before hand. This is a short .37 mile hike off the beaten path or so it seemed. When we arrived the small parking lot was full. No matter, we found a spot to park and headed out. 15-20 minutes and we made it to the overlook. There is an observation deck but also a good portion to roam around. I found a nice spot where I was able to capture the large rock formation that makes this such an iconic place. A few folks were there to catch sunset but left before the show truly started. I wasn’t the only photographer out there and got to chatting with the fellow who takes the marketing photos for Canaan Valley. What an awesome way to close out the night before picking up dinner and heading back to the cabin to relax in front of the fire. Couldn’t ask for anything better than that!

Blackwater State Park Overlook
Sunset at Lindy Point
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