Dense fog on LHHT

Hidden Pines at Moraine

Moraine State Park

There was something eerie about this hidden spot at Moraine State Park. Something called to me, something caught my attention! I found it curious about these dead pines, the way they seemed to weave in and out, branches almost touching, like clutched hands. They formed a hallway so to speak. It was like an illusion. A hallway that didn’t have an ending, as much as I stared and stared. Wind howled in between the branches. I almost started to imagine something at then end. It was quite creepy.

This shot wasn’t taken as early in the morning as I like to shoot. I didn’t see interesting light, the sun was high and there was not much light coming through the trees. But that is the beauty of stepping outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to shoot at different times of the day and see what you come up with. I’ve noticed that since summer hit, I haven’t done much landscape photography. I’ve found that I’m drawn to fall and winter landscapes. So this summer I have concentrated on other areas of my photography. As fall and winter fast approach, i’m ready to take those new concepts and apply them to my landscapes.

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