SLB Photography

Roaring Run Trail

Roaring Run is one of the many many gems in the Laurel Highlands. I say that a lot because this area has so much to offer. My last visit was in April, snow was melted finally and temps were starting to warm. I went deep into the forest before I decided to park my car by a trailhead of a side trail spur. I didn’t know it at the time but I didn’t care, I just wanted to walk. 15 minutes later I ended up on the far end of Roaring Run Trail. This is the trail that goes right through the natural area along it’s namesake stream. This was a particularly quiet day. I saw a few people out with their dogs. There really wasn’t much in bloom yet but the water was flowing. There were so many little cascades along the way. This one was a bigger cascade flowing downstream over large boulders. I really wanted to take off my boots and jump right into the stream, I contemplated that for a long time. Instead because the waters were rushing so much I decided to climb my way across looking for a section that wouldn’t sweep away my tripod. I positioned myself best I could over the middle of the cascades. I was able to position my camera in a way that I hope you’ll feel the water rushing at your feet, as it was mine. I couldn’t think to a better way to end the hike.

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