SLB Photography

WA Young & Sons


This was one of the shoots I went on while I was working on the new site. I haven’t had much time to be out shooting with moving into a new house but this was one I couldn’t pass up. While WA Young and Sons is open for tours if you call I got the feelings not many do. Maybe the location keeps some away … it shouldn’t. This site was restored and tirelessly maintained by the Rivers of Steel organization.

The shop was built in 1900 by Wm. A. Young. This is America’s industrial past from a time where it was all in a hard days work. It was so fascinating to see the shops 25 pieces of original equipment that have been restored to working order. The entire shop is belt and pulley driven. It’s mounted to the ceiling and was at one time steam powered, it’s since been converted to gas. The second floor of the machine shop was the pattern shop, hardware store and office. It was the hub of commerce at Rice’s Landing in its time. The only place in town with a public phone!

The shop was closed in 1969 and everything was left as it was. Molds that were used to make everything from gears to rails for the surrounding areas. The coke oven with an unused piece of coke still next to it, to left over personal items from the workers there.

There was so much to take it that I honestly didn’t know what to shoot first. The left personal items and old relics from bottles to oil cans grabbed my attention first. I’ll be sharing many more photos from the shop over the coming posts. For now the old Kecks bottle grabbed me. The way the light it the bottle. I wonder how long it has been there? Funny thing is, I think I’ve heard of Kecks.

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