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Rankin Trail, Quebec Run Natural Area

The excitement was building, new camera purchased and a 3 week wait until the new lens got released and shipped to my door. I could hardly wait! New equipment in hand, I decided that the perfect place to go would be to Quebec Run Natural Area. This is one of my favorite places to hike. It’s the perfect shake down hike as I like to call it. 4.5 miles of mostly flat trail, exceptional scenery and absolute peace and quiet! The waters here are refreshing and beautiful to me. The wild area encompasses two complete watersheds within it’s boarders, it’s namesake Quebec Run and Tebolt Run.

The hike usually takes us to the same place starting from the North Lot Trailhead. This time we decided to take Miller Trail, a steep 1 mile footpath from the trailhead that connects to Mill Run. Taking Mill Run to Rankin Trail which follows Quebec Run. Rankin Trail is my favorite and we ended up finding some nice off the path campsites that allowed me to get up close to the stream. The snow was almost gone except in the deep shade of the forest under the Mountain laurel. The forest was silent and it was a beautiful thing! We only ran into one other person. I couldn’t believe it! From the Rankin Trail, turn right onto Hess trail and follow that back to your car at the trailhead. Doing the trail in this manner might add a little elevation, but to not have to climb Miller Trail at the end of your hike is a wonderful thing!

Quebec Run

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