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Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls

There are at least seven Buttermilk Falls in Pennsylvania. They say it got it’s name from soldiers who chilled their buttermilk in the pool underneath the falls. I bet that is how the other Buttermilk Falls got their names too. Buttermilk Falls is a neat area. It was once a sandstone query. Now a days it stands as a cool area, easy to find and unless you know it’s there, you don’t know about it. Well, maybe those native to Beaver, PA do.

The day I was there with a few other fellow photographers it was dreary, rainy and dark. I love shooting in those conditions. There are no reflections from harsh sunlight to contend with. Colors stay nice and even. Even though I was there with others I was completely in the zone. The sound of the falls drown out, quite literally the thoughts in my head. Though they weren’t far away it was what I needed. Not to feel better, but just to get back outdoors. I’m glad to have gotten out and back to the falls. I’m looking forward to my next trek deep into the forest. I feel like it’s been forever and my soul is jonesing to go. Soon, very very soon.


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