SLB Photography

Roaring Run Natural Area

My last hike of 2014 I went to Roaring Run Natural Area. I’ve heard a lot about this area and know that it’s a favorite! For some reason though it kinda dropped through my radar. I cannot believe I’ve been exploring the Laurel Highlands all this time and never took the time to explore here! The drive wasn’t as long as I had thought. Only an hour from my house to trail head! I had waiting until rain was in the forecast. I like chasing weather and my favorite is fog! Combine that with mountain stream, deep woods, and I’ve found heaven! As soon as I got into the Laurel Highlands area I was surrounded by thick fog. I pulled into the eastern trail head of Roaring Run trail. This trail is 3.3 miles long and can be made into a 7-mile loop using spurs and connector trails. Roaring Run was of particular interest to me because it crosses it’s name sake mountain stream a total of 28 times! The crossings are not bridged crossings so you are guaranteed to get wet. I made my way through dense fog and descended into the valley. A quarter way into the hike I came to the South loop trail but decided to continue on Roaring Run until I hit the stream. I was in awe of the thick, dense, and eerie fog that surrounded me as I made my decent. About a mile in I came upon the stream and Painter’s Rock trail. My first stop was to check out Roaring Run. I walked up and down the banks to find a good spot. I was fascinated by the big mossy boulders along the banks. It was so peaceful. I could hear the occasional chirp from a bird and rain drops hit my camera. I double backed to Roaring Run Trail and continued however not much further I came upon the first section of the stream and it was impassable. I looked for other ways across, but the stream was swollen and I couldn’t find a passable crossing, even with small rocks and boulders. That didn’t take away from my experience though. It was perfect solitude! Who would have guessed?! Roaring Run is a gem!

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