SLB Photography

Quebec Natural Area

Quebec Natural Area was my first hike in 2015. For as much time as I spend in the Laurel Highlands, I’ve never gone to Quebec Natural Area. I’ve heard it was beautiful and that was no lie. It wasn’t just beautiful, it was breathtaking. Quebec Run isn’t a far drive by any means. It is close to the Pennsylvania/West Virginia boarder and in a deep forest area in the corner of Forbes State Forest. Right up my alley! I wasn’t expecting snow to be on the ground but as I got closer I found myself in a few inches of the stuff. The road leading into the Natural Area and to the trails was covered and I was a little worried that I’d get stuck, so I pulled into the first trailhead I saw. I set out on Mill Run Trail. It started in a slight up hill walk that quickly descended to the forest floor allow Mill Run Creek. You can hear the creek ever before you see it. The trail was covered with fresh snow, the air nice and crisp and I was the first there. Total solitude and not a soul in sight. I headed off trail toward the creek. There was a few layers of ice allowing me to walk carefully…half way out. I was able to get right up on the rushing waters. It was so peaceful and quiet. I had hoped that I’d see some whitetail deer, I did not. Maybe next time. I went as far as I could until the trail was impassable due to the snow, I didn’t see a way across to continue and it was getting late. So I turned around and vowed I will be back.

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