SLB Photography
Laurel Highlands

Quebec Run Winter 2017

It started slowly. The afternoon turned to night and the snow kept falling. Heavy, wet snow! I kept looking out the window watching these huge flakes fall. . It was exciting! We barely had a winter, so this was great, I was finally going to get out and play in some snow! I decided to head up to Quebec Run Natural Area! It’s been close to two years since I’ve been out there … What!!!

I woke up early the next morning, giddy like a little school child for recess! A quick breakfast and off I went. There was extremely thick fog when I hit the mountains. I turned onto one road leading into the forest where I saw 5-6 goats all in a line walking to there stable. It was the coolest thing! Shortly after that the road was washed out and I had to cross a small stream to get across. There wasn’t really any snow until I turned onto the forest road leading up to the trail head. As soon as I turned onto that forest road there was at least a few inches of wet, thick, slushy snow that tossed me around until I put on the 4-wheel drive. I couldn’t quite remember how far up the trailhead was, finally finding it after a few minutes of nerve-wracking driving. But that is what you get photographing in the mountains. I had a very specific spot I wanted to find so I headed down my favorite trail, but I did it backwards. The hike out was steep down the hill face. Light whispy fog came in and out. I could see dark greyish clouds looming. Once at the bottom I headed down Mill Run Trail but ended up heading the wrong way! That area always turns be backwards. I found a nice stop to stop along the stream and capture photos of the fog whisping around the pines. I headed back the way I came and finally found the turn off and headed to the Grist Mill Trail. There was an area over that way that I wanted to explore. The snow quietly blanketed the forest floor. The trail was well worn even in these conditions. I passed a few lovely backcountry camping sites.

I stopped at the foot-bridge marking Grist Mill Trail. I love that little area, the rocks and mountain laurel make it an intresting against the rapids when the water is running high. Just as soon as I setup my camera it started to rain really hard. Hard cold drops of rain and fog rolled in. I spent around 45 minutes making this photo and I really loved those types of conditions. I was cold and drenched but wanted to hike on. It was really a great experience that I don’t find often. Quebec Run is definitely a gem in the Laurel Highlands, I know I’ve said that before. My next visit I hope to visit the southern part of Quebec Run. Until then … please enjoy!

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