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Ohiopyle State Park – Great Gorge Trail

Ohiopyle State Park is one of those places that I love to go often. There is so much to see there and each season brings out different beauty within the park. I haven’t seen everything by any means. I’m always finding new areas. I wanted to make it out there for sunrise though I wasn’t expecting one. I wanted to explore Meadow Run and to do that, I needed to be there early. I was running a little behind schedule and by the time I got there, there was already a few cars in the parking lot. So Plan B was to go to Thorpe Knob for the views and the clouds. The gate was closed and the road completely covered in snow. Ok, so at this point I needed Plan C. I saw a trail marker close to the Cucumber Falls parking lot, so I headed there. I caught the Great Gorge Trail heading away from Ohiopyle from the Cucumber Parking lot. This was definitely an unused area of the trail. It was just me and dear tracks in the snow. It was very peacefully hiking, following the tracks and listening to the rushing water. I followed dear tracks down to the creek and watched the water flow around the ice that was already formed. I decided here was a nice spot to begin making photographs. I like the light and the watch the small rapids flowed over the ice and rocks. After spending sometime here it was time to hike along more of the trail. Not much further up I saw that the bridge was sĀ and not far beyond that one the side I was on was a waterfall! Wow a hidden waterfall! To me there is nothing more exciting than finding a waterfall that isn’t on the map. I couldn’t believe it! I made my way off trail to the falls. The area was untouched beauty! The way ice crystals formed off the falls and the surrounding trees and rocks. I had a wonderful time in the area and was in awe of these cascading falls and in awe of this secret area.


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  1. You must have been thrilled Stacy. It looks like you was in the stream itself, from the cameras point of view.You do great work Stacy.

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