SLB Photography

Pittsburgh Skyline

Spring Hill
Pittsburgh at Night

Wednesday was one of those nights where I needed to get out and take some photos. I couldn’t go to a state park and I heard of a new (to me) location to take a picture of the Pittsburgh Skyline. I love the Pittsburgh Skyline and over the past year or so, it’s been changing. So I did the dirty work and located a cemetery atop Spring Hill that is supposed to have spectacular views. I thought this is great. I need some alone time and who would be in a cemetery? Well turns out at least five other people were making their way through. A runner, a few folks walking their dogs, and a biker; who actually stopped and chatted with me for a few minutes. All and all, I got my alone time. The sun started to set, the wind blew, and the tree creaked. And yes, it was a spectacular view. For all the years I’ve lived in Pittsburgh I can’t believe i’ve never been to this neighborhood, much less missed this view of the skyline. I will definitely be coming back. Now, I have to get over the creepiness of being in a cemetery after dark…alone.

I’ve experimented with taking pano’s from time to time. None really came out to my satisfaction. There is definitely a science to it, but this shoot produced several that I really liked. It’s really addicting and a neat way to capture a scene. This shot is made from 15 exposures stitched in Photoshop. This is my first true attempt and I hope you enjoy! You Definitely want to click on this one to see all the details!

On a side note. I’ve sent my camera back to Nikon for the D600 advisory notice. I’m planning on renting another camera body to continue taking pictures during this time.

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