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Pittsburgh docks

Pittsburgh has docks! Many of them really. As a city that has three rivers running through it. I’ve always liked to be on the docks and the areas surrounding them. Some of those areas have been redone over the years. One such place is Pittsburgh’s North Shore area. As a kid this area wasn’t much. I remember Three Rivers Stadium being over there. Now though, The North Shore is home to many businesses and to both PNC Park and Heinz Field. The waterfront area was totally re-done and it’s a nice place to spend the day. People go there to relax enjoying the day biking, running, or walking on the paths along the shore. The views of the city from this area are beautiful. At night the lights from the buildings are captivating. I always thought Pittsburgh was one of the most beautifully lit cities in the US. I’m always trying to capture new views from this area. I like spending time here looking out over the river at the city. Pittsburgh isn’t a large city by any means, just large enough to still be cozy.

The other night I went down to the docks to try to capture new views. It wasn’t a cold night. I had the area to myself. I’ve made a few photos in this area before but I’m fascinated by the piers. I tried to incorporate the piers into this photo. I liked that the lights behind me rendered redish/orange yet I was still able to capture the cool colors of the lit up buildings across the river. The building with the rainbow at the top is the Gulf Tower and it’s a weather beacon up there. They just restored it a few years ago and it’s neat to see it functioning again, like it did when I was younger.


4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh docks

  1. Really lovely photo. I have been down there during the day and have thought about going at night but always wondered how safe it was. Seeing this photo renews my interest. Really lovely!

    1. It’s a lovely area. A little sketchy at night. Best place to park is over near Heinz (unless you park somewhere downtown) you have to take the Riverfront trail to the docks, but it’s not that bad, most of the trail runs near the Condo’s. If you decide to head down…shoot me a message 🙂

  2. I have parked near PNC park during the day when I have gone there. You know, a few photography friends and me have bantered about going night shooting there and downtown in general. Would love to give it a try. So I will take you up on the offer and shoot you a message to see when you are free to go. But I’m a temperature wimp and hate the cold, though I do force myself out for some winter shooting a few times a season. Let’s do it in the spring though….will be so much more comfy then lol!

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