SLB Photography

Evening Reflections

These words are not my own. Truth is, I’m not sure whose they are. They sure did resonate with me. So much so to the point of tears. It’s something special when words and pictures can do that. Can make you stop and search the deepest part of yourself. The parts that stay hidden, locked away.

“Please come sit with me…In the middle of nowhere with open fields swallowing us. The trees hugging the very breath from our souls. The earth laying under us, vibrating the sounds of our hearts off the solid permanent foundation into our own ears, reminding us all that living for isn’t bad. Let us sit and feel small. Let’s look at a new part of the world, where grasses tickle your toes and with one breeze looking into that big sky, you feel like you’re flying. Let us count the stars and makes wishes that our heart can only whisper under the blanket of the night. Let me hold your hand just to let you feel that I am a living breathing heart, that doesn’t have to know you one bit to care madly deeply for every breath you take. You don’t need to know the direction of the now or the forevers. Getting lost in the world bumping into hearts that play the same beat as yours and dancing in such a way, that it can only bubble up a laughter that can get you into the tomorrow! Don’t let your broken pieces steal your music from this world!”

Thank you to whomever wrote this. You’ve touched my soul and given me something to hope for.

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