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Snow covered waterslides

Ohiopyle Water slides in Winter

After the first big snow in what feels like a few years, I wanted to capture some winter scenes at Ohiopyle. Everyone knows Ohiopyle and with the uncertainty that was 2020, the park had exponentially more visitors. So when we got a big snow front that pushed through, it was the perfect opportunity to head to the park and catch winter scenes sans many visitors.

Almost never does it happen that the parking lot next to the Meadow Run Waterslides is empty, so imagine how excited I was! I certainly wasn’t the first person to visit after the snow, but certainly was the first person to walk down the steps to the slides in a while. Snow was packed in and piled on each step in a huge mound that was a little tricky to get down. Once I did, it was an amazing scene to take in, even though some unexpected snow and rain had started to fall.

I selected the area to make my first shot underneath the slides and had to fight the weather to stop depositing rain drops on my filters long enough to make a shot. The weather was a bit tough and I had to constantly wipe my filter between shots.

I also wanted to capture the slides from a different perspective from here, so I remembered to turn around and capture a moment from the other direction. From here, I moved up the slides in order to make shots at different sections of the slides. Each area of the slides are really unique from the water carving out the slide area.

Such a unique time to be in Ohiopyle, especially at the slides. I’m always enchanted with this area during periods of heavy snow because of the way the snow outlines the sandstone rocks. This had to be one of the most peaceful visits I’ve had here in recent memory and words can’t do the day justice.

Snow covered water slides

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