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Jonathan Run – Ohiopyle State Park

Ohiopyle State Park
Jonathan Run Rapids

I’ve been absent from the blog lately. Winter was really tough. Polar vortexes and just general miserableness. Spring has finally sprung. I saw things growing in my yard! YAY!  Last weekend was the perfect time for the first sprint hike of the year. Jonathan Run in Ohiopyle is a trail that i’ve been trying to explore since my last trip in December was cut short. Jonathan Run isn’t particularly long being 1.7 mile out and back. But it passes through some spectacular waterfalls.

A friend and I set out late on Saturday. The trail was very wet and covered in puddles in most areas. The sun was out, the birds chirping. We arrived at the falls after a short 20 minute, chatty hike. I scoped out the area looking for a place to capture the details in the falls, the textures of the rocks underneath, and the long shadows being thrown from the trees. My friend settled in on a rock and began doing some yoga. Perfect!  🙂 We spent the next hour in peaceful bliss, quietly going about our activities, enjoying the sounds of nature. After a while I was able to pull myself away and continue to explore the other half of the trail. It snaked uphill and amazing views of lower Jonathan Run Falls, and wow was it beautiful. The falls rushed over the edge where they fell calmly into the pool below. The water was a beautiful, calm green. The cliff was steep. But we decided we had to get down there! We tried several spots on the hillside before we found one. We climbed down and hopped the rocks in the middle of the outcropping near the falls. I saw two huge rocks that were closer to the falls. I wanted to be there. So we shimmied our way across a fallen tree. One bad move and we could’ve fallen in. It was a must to be absolutely careful. Once we got to the other side, it was just a few quick jumps along the rocks on the outskirts. Ah, big rock in the middle, a perfect place to setup and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

It was late afternoon, I would guess around 4:30-5:00pm. I enjoyed the light at this time. It started to spread and get soft. The Falls and surrounding rhododendrons were lit perfectly. I sat watching the splash hit a rock at the bottom of the falls and come to rest in the pool. We sat here for a least another hour. Nice time for snack, more chatting and appreciating being in the middle of nature. I’m sure that even with the difficulty of getting to the spot, I’m sure people do all the time. But this time it felt as if we were the only two who has ever been there. It was peacefully to lay down and watch the clouds pass through the sky. To listen to the sounds of the rushing watch all around us. Water is soothing. It helps the mind be free. I could’ve sat there all day. It was the perfect day for that first spring hike. The first of many to come!

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