SLB Photography

Natural Water Slides at Meadow Run, Ohiopyle

It’s my most favorite time of the year, the Spring Thaw! The past few weeks the temperature has been rising slowly, though a few weeks ago we got our usual March snow. The heavy thick stuff. Rains followed and it’s been rainy and cloudy for the two weeks since. Last Saturday saw rain, clouds, and in the upper elevations heavy fog. Perfect Conditions! All the times I’ve been to Ohiopyle, I’ve never stopped at the water slides. Sure, I’ve hiked past them on the Meadow Run trail on my way out to the Cascades. So I thought last Saturday would be the perfect time to stop. It was raining, cloudy and I didn’t think too many people would be stopping by. When I arrived I was the only car in the lot, which was awesome because the lot is usually busy. Shortly after I pulled in however, so did another car … bummer. By the time I got my boots on and me gear set, those folks were coming back up and headed out. From the parking lot there are steps leading down right to the slides. The water was high and rushing so fast I felt like I was standing next to the ocean! The rapids were crashing hard against the rocks causing huge drops of water to rise up and crash down on top of me and my gear. It was tough making photos because I had to wipe of my filters after each shot and protect them from more spray before capturing the next. These were actually the hardest conditions I’ve ever shot in. It was thrilling to be there, to see nature like this. To see how powerful water is. A few people made their way down to see the slides. We all braved the rain and the wind that made the spray from the water fly farther then usual. It was a cool experience. The slides are so popular in the summer that many people don’t get to see them like this.

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