SLB Photography
Ohiopyle State Park

Cascades at Meadow Run

It was cloudy and drizzling. I wanted to check out Ohiopyle. I needed a nice long hike to shed away the stress of November and the beginning of holidays. I’ve always stayed away from the Meadow run trail and the cascades. There are always too many people around, but that day was different. It was the day after Thanksgiving and while most people spent the day shopping, I just walked. Meadow Run is an interesting trail. If you start from the lower parking area and down the steps is the main attraction, the waterslides. Many people use the natural waterslides to cool off in the summer and it gets quite crowded. The trial isn’t well marked and for the first half you are just walking on the side of the boulders that make up the waterslides. This was me second time on the trail and my partner who’s been here way more than me always gets confused by this trail. No matter how many times she’s been here, some turn, is always missed and miss we did! Not sure if we should’ve turned up or down but we went straight and ended up in this amazing little cove. It ran along Meadow Run Stream, actually pretty sure if you followed it, you’d run back into the trail when the trail levels out. I’m not sure, but it was beautiful. The creek definitely cut it’s way through delicately carved boulders that looked like little hillsides. The best part was the developing fog as I framed up the shot I wanted to capture of the little waterfall. I’m still using the Platypod Pro for super low angle shots. I’m really liking the flexibility of the Platypod. I can squeeze in tight and low to capture shots not possible with my bigger tripod. My partner headed back to find the correct route and I spent the next hour making photographs in the cove. I don’t know if I’ll find that place again. I suppose so if I wonder off trail again, which is easy to do. I made my shots and continued on my hike. I ended up getting lost a few times, even walking off trail for a good long time. I tracked what I thought was the trail and ran into an old sign. It was big with lights. Obviously it was dumped, but it seemed like a cool artifact of a time long past. I used it as a marker of sorts and tried to double back, but I wasn’t really sure where to go. I ended up finding the extension to the upper parking lot and following that down to the correct path that lead me toward Flat Rock and the Cascades. After being lost for 45 minutes or so, I finally made my way down to the Cascades, which was final destination. I met my partner there and we shared a nice snack and a great trail story because she got lost in the same place I did! It was a ton of fun and I just felt the stress melt away because I was in the forest. That’s what the forest can do. It was much needed and I need to start showing the forest some attention again because it does so much for me.

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