SLB Photography
Shenandoah Sunset

Marys Rock, Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah will never get old! We’ve just returned home from our second trip in however many odd months (2 to be exact) we just cannot get enough. We haven’t even begun to crack the park at it’s core. This trip started off just as amazing as it ended. We dropped off our bags and the lovely B&B in Luray. I will stay no where else! The guys are amazing! Shout out to Piney Hill! If you’re in Virginia, go check them out, you will not be disappointed! We immediately headed for Mary’s Rocks so I could catch sunset. The hike is NO JOKE, it’s 3.7 miles round-trip but the elevation gain is close to 1210 feet in a short 1.7 miles. It was a good stretch of the legs after the drive all day! We got to the top a mere 20 minutes until sunset. We had the summit to ourselves and it was beautiful. Well worth the hike. I was able to make photos for at least an hour. We saw the moon rise and contemplated hanging out to capture some starts but ultimately decided – well hunger induced, that it was best to make our way back down. We had an hour ahead of us and it was getting dark fast. This was my first night hike! It was very cool and quite the hike along the rock trail that is Mary’s Rock. We were about mid hike back down when I saw in the trees what looked like a human. I was a little freaked out because it caught me off guard. Sure enough it was a hiker camping for the night. We said a quick hello, quite sure we frightened her as well from our headlamps pointing in her direction. Near the end we overshot our spur trail back to the car and ended up doing a mile or so on the AT (yay!) before realizing that we had gone too far. WE back tracked and made it to the car just in time to change and head off for a nice dinner at one of the late open restaurants in Luray. It was an awesome start to our vacation!

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