Dense fog on LHHT

Photographer Retrospective 2016

As the year comes to a close it’s time for my annual retrospective. While other blogs are sharing their photographer gift guides, the year end is a time to reflect back on the past year photographically and personally as well.

As I look back through my catalog of photos from 2016, I see a big change in my photography. I got out an explored less. That’s okay, because I grew as a person and my circle of life got bigger! This is a perfectly great trade-off for me. One thing to keep in mind, life and for a photographer, making photos isn’t a race. I may have taken less opportunities to make photographs but when I did, I was able to incorporate an outdoor loving family into the mix. That’s a new and good thing for me!

With that said, I got to visit the PA Grand Canyon! Make a return trip to Ricketts Glen, and explore parks new and old with “new” eyes! Went backpacking for the first time! It was a fantastic year. I love being out in the elements and I had the pleasure of seeing what those elements produce. It was amazing being in the middle of a huge rain storm and watching thick fog descend down on me (Although I’m pretty sure in the moment I wasn’t happy about it! LOL). I’ve made new annual rituals, including spending the first weekend in a cabin at Linn Run. This coming January will be our 2nd year 🙂

I was honored and humbled all year with inclusion in several shows around the Pittsburgh area. Two of the galleries that I was accepted into group shows were places that I always envisioned having my work shown in. Honestly, that’s pretty amazing. I couldn’t be happier! I want to thank AGWorks and PSA as a member of these groups (even though I haven’t made it to many meetings) they’ve given me the opportunity to have my work shown.

2017 I’m going to continue to play with some new tools I acquired and keep on making photographs and exploring as much as possible!

Happy Holidays, See you in 2017!

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