SLB Photography
Linn Run State Park

Cascades at Linn Run

Linn Run is a state park that I’ve wanted to visit for so long. There are many little places hidden in Linn Run. Linn Run is also the home of Adams Falls and right next door is Forbes State Forest, there is always something to do in the park. That’s why it’s really unbelievable that Linn Run fell off my radar until now. The drive into the park was picturesque. It was something out of a movie really, lined with beautiful oaks and maples that were changing for fall. It was a beautiful Saturday in October. The first stop was Wolf Rock’s. This is a loop trail in the Forbes State Forest section of the park. The views were beautiful and we sat perched against the rocks for quite some time enjoying the crisp fall air from high above. This also settled a friendly dispute with my girlfriend, we haven’t been sure if rock outcroppings led me here at one point when I was hiking a different trail a few years ago. Decidedly, Wolf Rocks was not the outcropping I found.

The next trail was Grove Run trail in the Linn Run section. This is where the cascades were. The flow wasn’t particularly heavy on the cascades so we were able to walk on the slick rock all the way to the end. That’s where I found this lovely water overflow. The sun was coming out from behind the clouds and I was able to get nice light on the water. It was so peaceful sitting there listening to water. The sun peaking in and out gave for a little warmth in the crisp air. It was an amazing first visit and I cannot wait to go back! I haven’t even scratched the surface of Linn Run, with some many areas to explore. I’ll be at it for a while and I can’t say that upsets me in the least!

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