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McConnell's Mills

Breakneck Falls

Sometimes we just need to go for a long hike to clear the head. We walk along the trail. Take in the sights and the sounds, we start to clear our heads. We start to get answers to the questions swirling around in there. This is what has been happening to me lately. Little adventures have helped me get some answers that help move forward. On this particular morning, it was so important to hike as long as far as I could. I trekked it out to McConnell’s Mills. My favorite place of late. There is an unmarked trail near Eckert Bridge. It’s really easy to find, can’t miss it really. Little know though is what waits on the other end of the trail. But more on that later. Enter the trail and walk along the shore line of Slippery Rock Creek. Listen to the water crashing into the boulders. Take in the beauty of the blooming trillium. Half way down the trail, you come to a clearing. If you’re curious enough you are treated to a hidden waterfall. There are several sections where it flows. Some spots with slow trickles of water and some spots where fast rushing falls over huge boulders. You can climb up and up until you reach the top. Careful though the boulders are big and slippery. Those who do climb are treated to a beautiful view and the peacefulness of the rushing waterfall cascading over the top.

2 thoughts on “Breakneck Falls

  1. Really beautiful image. Several months back I looked for this falls but couldn’t find it. Maybe the water level was too low. In fact, while looking I climbed to the top and had a dangerous time getting down again.

    Am I correct in saying you take the trail on the left side of the bridge as you face it and the clearing is to the left as you walk down the trail?

    1. I had a heck of a climb as well. Didn’t go all the way up. The rocks were really slippery. I can’t imagine the water level being to low though, the falls are fed by what I think is muddy creek. I’ve always seen rapids in the creek leading down to the falls. The top part is off of Cheeseman rd. but it’s to dangerous to attempt anything from there. Yes the trail is on the left side, across from the Eckert bridge sign.

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