SLB Photography


McConnell's Mills

Today was another nice day in Western PA. I decided to get back out to the trail. Alpha Pass is designated part of the North Country Scenic trail. The view of Slippery Rock Creek from the Alpha Pass are¬†spectacular. The creek is just below the entire hike. Leaving the trail, the shoreline is spotted with huge sandstone boulders from the last glacial period. Here you can sit on these boulders and enjoy the rapids and listen to the sounds of the water rushing through. I love watching the rapids swirl over the rocks and fallen trees. It’s just a surreal and peaceful view. One that reminds me of how the terrain was in the area thousands of years ago. I always talk about the dangers of the area. One must really be careful if you choose to hike off the trail. The rapids here can get quite large. They are rated class IV. I’ve been shooting these rapids for a while now and have realized that I’ve always captured them with a long exposure and a 10-stop ND filter. This makes the water dreamy-like. So I decided to so something different. Today’s photo will hopefully give you a sense of these class IV rapids.

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