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Rainbow Falls

Cold, rainy and cloudy are some of my favorite conditions to photograph in. I knew that I wanted to get out to make some photographs. But I wanted to go somewhere that was familiar but not fully explored. I’ve been wanting to get back to Trough Creek State Park. It was the first hike I did of 2014 and I thought it was fitting to go back for one of the last hikes of this year. Everything was all frozen over last time, it was really pretty, but I wasn’t happy with the photos of Rainbow Falls that I made. So I went back for more. I made the two and a half hour drive from my house and arrived with at least an hour and a half of light left. It was really raining and who would have thought I’d run into another photographer? But I did! He was photographing the lower half of the falls and I didn’t want to get in the way of his shot. So I continued up the trails after waving hello. I wasn’t able to make it up to this half of the trail last time because the trail was so iced over and I didn’t have my spikes. I made my way to check out Balanced Rock which was really cool! I’ve got a ton of ideas for a shoot there. This time I was there for Rainbow Falls. I settled in at the upper half of the falls. I really liked the foot bridge above and the falls were really flowing! Trough Creek is really a unique park. I like the craggy cliffs and overhangs. The trails are rugged and are lined with rhododendron. This makes the atmosphere really unique and is one of the most rugged parks i’ve been to in Pennsylvania so far.

Cloudy skies are some of the best for waterfall photography. The light is even and there are less harsh reflections to deal with. Time of day and obviously weather play a big part in seeing the Rainbow that usually appears around these falls. I think that really no matter the weather or time of day, Trough Creek and Rainbow Falls are worth a visit.

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