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Winter at Breakneck Falls, McConnells Mills

I never really appreciated the world around me until I started to slow down and get outside more often. That might seem like a weird statement to be making now. Slowdown! What does that mean? I grew up in a time when I’d meet my friends outside early in the morning and play all day until the street lights came on in the summer. Once we all hit high school, the “internet” became available more widespread and I remember it being at home for the first time. I often talk about that weird “bubble” feeling when the internet and cell phones were new. As time drifted away and my life began to take shape and I became a responsible “adult,” you know go to college, get a job that sort of thing, I started to forget about those days spent outside. Something was definitely missing, and soon after I started to go on camping trips during those long weekends. I would come back feeling invigorated and with a clear head. That feeling would soon float away and I would be left with the everyday chatter. I had some curveballs thrown at me and I didn’t know how I would deal, I turned once again to the outdoors, to the parks, trees, streams and fresh air! Hiking and getting outside was mandatory in my life and I wanted to capture those beautiful moments with a camera. Thus, my landscape photography was born. I can still remember the first time I got up super early to catch sunrise over Raccoon Lake! Hike out in the dark was a bit nerve wracking the first time, but I was treated with a beautiful orange sunrise that I will never ever forget! It was that moment when I knew that I wanted to share these moments with others. Since 2011, I’ve set out to capture the things that most people don’t get a chance to see. Those moments have been precious to me. They are beautiful reminders that nature is nurture. Nature will never disappoint. These days I make it a point to get out as much as possible. I feel that same invigoration, that same free spirit and the feeling of all my cares wash away. The outdoors is as important to me then ever. It’s vital, vital to me, vital for me to pass it on. Pennsylvania is one of many many beautiful gems in the USA and it needs to be protected! Calls for wells and drilling or fracking make me angry to be destroying pristine land for a short period of time. My goal remains the same to show off the beauty of my state and my county. That is hard to do right now but I will continue making images.

This image is of Breakneck Falls in McConnell’s Mill. McConnell’s Mill always shows me something different and this time it was amazing to share with my family. The little one hiked so well, climbing over rocks on the uneven terrain to get to Breakneck Falls. He was amazed by the falls! It was so neat to watch him explore the area. He had a great time and we all had a great time getting out in the crisp air. It wasn’t really that cold, so it was perfect to be out enjoying the sights, sounds, smells .. oh and icicles! We haven’t laughed like we did and enjoyed ourselves like we did in a long time! These are just the many moments spend outside that I will cherish!

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

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