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Buttermilk Falls


Buttermilk Falls
Buttermilk Falls

There are at least 10 different waterfalls with the name Buttermilk in Pennsylvania. I like to tease my friends who aren’t from the area that Pittsburgh is the only city with at least four different street corners with the same intersection name. Holds true for landscape features too! I didn’t know this was here honestly. I was meeting a group of photographers a few of which are from the area and organized a really nice waterfall photo tour of Beaver and the surrounding counties. This Buttermilk Falls in located in Beaver County. It’s pretty easy to find, the ‘Natural Area’ located off of Route 18 which is an easy drive from one of the highways in the area. Once you pull into the parking area the trail is right there. It’s not a long trail or that much of a hike for that matter. The area was once a quarry where they mined homewood sandstone. Above the gorge is a railroad that used to transport the sandstone to Pittsburgh. I understand that most of this sandstone was used locally in bridge piers, tunnels, roadways and in the construction of Western Penitentiary.

It certainly was a nice little area. Very peaceful. The falls were very nice and I’m glad we had the rain we did over the past several days. That really helped the flow of the falls. It’s a 35-foot plunge waterfall that is fed by Clark’s Run. I’m looking forward to going back and exploring the area a little more and to try for other angles of the falls themselves.

This photo is a 2 photo blend and processed for black and white. Settings are f/11 for 20 seconds.

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