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Cucumber Falls, Winter 2014

Cucumber Falls
Cucumber Falls

Last Sunday was one of those days when I just knew there wouldn’t be a sunrise. Nonetheless, I made the trip to Ohiopyle State Park. I met up with another photographer friend for a day of shooting some of the waterfalls there. No sunrise but the lighting was perfect for waterfall shooting. It was cloudy and overcast all day, which meant nice even lighting, at least for most of the morning.

First stop was Cucumber Falls. Cucumber Falls is an immensely popular area and it’s not hard to see why. The falls were really flowing even though we hadn’t had any rain. They sure were something to see that morning. I really like this area. It’s a challenge to shoot here just because of all the fallen trees and boulders in the area. Sometimes depending on the water flow in the valley it is hard to navigate from boulder to boulder. It was still tricky but anything like the first time I was here, which was a good thing!

I wanted to capture Cucumber Falls at a different angle then I have in the past. I went looking for the perfect spot and finally found it. I was lucky that the spray from the falls wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen before. This time my equipment stayed fairly dry. I cannot however, say the same for me.

There is so much to shoot at Cucumber Falls Natural Area. I have to remind myself to go shoot other things in the area. I really like the individual rapids around the area. I’ve seen them jump over rocks with impressive force, spitting speckles of water every which direction. I think this is the uniqueness about the area. I intend to go back and shoot more of the rapids. I’m hoping that in early spring after the snow melt the area will be so engorged with water that the spray will be extreme.

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    1. Me too! I know it’s been photographed to death, but this makes it really fun to find different views and always great to grab shots in different seasons.

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