SLB Photography

Paddling Yellow Creek Lake

They are saying that July 2019 is on track to be the hottest recorded month on record! Good timing to take up paddling. More and more this summer I’ve been taking to the waterways. Not only has it been fun, it’s also opened up opportunities to make photos that I wouldn’t normally have from shore. Yes, I’ve had to get creative to make sure my camera wouldn’t fall in the water, but that’s just part of the fun! Recently I had a chance to go paddling on Yellow Creek Lake. Yellow Creek Lake is a 720 acre lake, so there is lots of water to cover. The park itself is named after Yellow and Little Yellow Creeks, which flow into the lake. Clay on their banks and bottoms both contain yellow clay and you can see this around the lake and at the boat launches. Even though it was high 80’s when we launched, clouds were overhead and it was slightly windy. This made the breeze feel good on the water. We launched from the South Shore and met the resident cat who was eager to help. Once launched I started to make my way to checkout the inlet of Little Yellow Creek. The depth got really shallow and my paddle started to hit the bottom so I decided to turn around and head the other way up past where we launched. I wanted to hug the shoreline a little bit and see what interesting trees I could find. I was stunned and it was beautiful, all along the the coves were lilly pads with water lilies in full bloom. It was unbelievable how cool it was to see what I’ll call fields of them! Sadly I didn’t see any birds or nests, maybe next time. On the other side of the shore there were these neat cliffs with interesting designs cut in them from the wind. Speaking of wind, it really picked up and the water got choppy and rough. Made it hard to focus the camera as I rocked back and forth. At this point we were maybe a quarter around the lake and decided we’d better head in. The sun was starting to come out, the clouds were moving away and the heat was coming. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to be out paddling again! I’m so excited for these new opportunities!

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