SLB Photography

Sugar Run Falls

Something has been calling me to Ohiopyle lately. Finally, I gave into the call. The forecast was calling for rain, so I decided to roll into Ohiopyle a little bit later than I normally would, headed over to a remote part of the park to find some much needed solitude. I think I found myself one of the best little hidden gem trails in all of Ohiopyle. Actually this one has been on my to-do list for quite some time and finally I was able to make it to two waterfalls that I had never seen before. Truly feel like I saw something special. The hike started out in dense meadowland and was completely over-grown due to summer. It wasn’t long before I found a trail that would lead me to the first waterfall. Down the trail I climbed until I came to a staircase which twist and turned right to the first falls. A cozy little spot with a nice 25-30ft drop of rock that looked like a staircase. This is Sugar Run Falls. Always wondered how I got here and turns out I was approaching from the wrong side. Unfortunately, this is where I ran into people for the first time on this hike. They were sitting in front of the falls chatting and didn’t look like they were going to make their way any time soon. The spot is really small, so I decided to move onto the next set of falls. That might be a story of another day. However, I did make it back to Sugar Run Falls and was able to spend some time there to capture these photos. As previously said the spot is small and if others are there, it’s easy to encroach. I ran into several groups of people who showed up after I got there. The falls are easily accessed from the bike trail and several groups were taking breaks from biking to come up and enjoy the falls. I knew they wouldn’t be there long, so they took their pictures and went on. I easily spent over an hour here before I made the slog back up the trail about a mile or so. I cannot wait to visit this one again in the Winter and next Spring. I bet Spring rains make this little falls just bust with water!

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