SLB Photography

Stone balances in Laurel Hill State Park

Those of you who read the blog often know how much I love The Laurel Highlands. It’s packed with little gems that never disappoint. One of my favorites is Laurel Hill State Park. Ever since my first visit I’ve found this place enchanting. There is just something about it, something I can’t quite place my fingers on. Walking along the creek and through the old growth hemlock stand once tends to feel as if they’ve been transported back to a different time.

The day was cloudy, windy and a slight chill for early autumn. The green popped against the cloudy sky as we hiked one of my favorite trails along the stream. Over the hillside we noticed a way to get down and check out a part of the stream that I’d never really explored before. We then saw stone balances that someone had made on the large boulders in the creek. I think these are cool. I’ve seen them around here and there in some of the other state parks. This photo was taken where we saw the first stone balance.

All and all it was a great hike and felt good to be out in nature.

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