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Something Spectacular in Store

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! So far, my plans have taken me to one state park and tomorrow I will be on my way to another. I can’t wait, Rain or no. Yesterday morning, my cats had me up at 3:15am. This really isn’t surprising and happens often. However, this time I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Something kept telling me to go to the lake. No…this isn’t the beginning of a scary story or anything like that. Anyway I found myself preparing my camera and jumping in the car. I knew sunrise was at 6:49am. I used TPE to tell me exactly where to be. Destination: Raccoon Creek State Park. It’s not a long drive, and I’ve been there before. But in my sleepiness, I took two, yes, two wrong exits. This killed at least 30 minutes. I arrived at my destination exactly at 6:30am. I was rushing to a spot I picked out along the beach, when the road was blocked off. Not knowing the area around the lake, and not knowing how long the walk is to the beach. I found a little trail that lead to the shore, but trees were blocking my view. Seeing the pinks, blues and oranges through the trees, I needed to move. I jumped in my car and drove a little further down the roadaround the lake. I saw a boat rental area, pulled in the lot and found a wonderful location to shoot the rest of the sunrise. I couldn’t be happier. There is something magical about catching sunrise out in nature. Truly spectacular nature is when you stop and look. It was a lovely start to my saturday and to the long weekend!

Enjoy and have a happy safe labor day!


6 thoughts on “Something Spectacular in Store

    1. This one is a sunrise. I dragged myself up to the lake super early. You are right though, now that it is fall, sunsets and sunrises are getting easier….Just gotta get out of bed.

    1. Thank you Fred! I’m with you there on the having a place to yourself, very serene. Couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

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