SLB Photography
Raccoon Creek

Summer sunset at Raccoon Creek

Sometimes we just need the perfect ending. This sunset caught out at Raccoon Creek was just that. I admit, the few days leading up to this photo were good, but my thoughts needed to be sorted. I was finally able to get out and back to nature. But as nice as that was, I was tired. A few gentle nudges was all it took to get me to make the short drive up to the lake. Using my favorite photographer’s tool, TPE, I calculated where sunset and moonrise would be and at what times. I then made my way out, I arrived just at the perfect time. I was able to walk around and scope out my favorite spot. I was able to envision the photos I wanted from this trip. It was still hot and humid and I was right in front shooting into the sun. I like this style, though not to typical to shoot into the sun. Though I knew I wanted to¬†silhouette¬†the Purple Loosestrife surrounding the lake. Sitting back and watching the activity around the lake unfold, there were people there fishing, boating and overall enjoying the nice evening. I was there to think, like usual. As the sun set, I was hoping for some more color, something dramatic, which never happened, but that didn’t take away from the serene sounds that appeared in the night. Fish coming up for air, crickets chirping, and yes, even the mosquitos buzzing. The sunset gave away to deep blues as the night stars came out. With it came the fireflies dancing in the dark. As people left to go home for the night, the lake became still and quiet except for those last few stragglers still fishing under the stars. It was a perfect night to be out, thinking, being for myself, sorting out thoughts of the day and week.

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