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Silence and Stillness

Another early wake up at early o’clock. Worth it though for the silence and stillness before sunrise. I wasn’t sure what kind of sunrise I’d get. The sunrise maps were showing it could a good one or it could not. I decided to head to Glendale Lake, a place that I haven’t visited in a few years. Always a peaceful place and this time did not disappoint. I decided to walk around the lake in the dark to try to find a nice spot when I found this really neat looking piece of driftwood. It looked like it was hung up on shore so I set up there looking for some cool angles. The sky started to light up with some faint hues of yellow as the sun started to hit the horizon. I wanted to capture some movement in the clouds and to do this I brought out the 6-stop ND filter. Not exactly the colorful sunrise I was looking for but nothing beats the silence and stillness of the morning. The late fall almost winter air was crisp and the water was still.

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