Dense fog on LHHT

Glendale Lake Sunset

Sometimes the adventure isn’t planned. Well the location isn’t. There are places that are close to home, under 2 hour drive. That I’ve been to once or twice. One of those places is Prince Gallitzin State Park. The first time I was there was over the summer. It was a whim. I was treated to beautiful lake views and a gorgeous sunset. It was time to go back. Again on a whim. There are just some days when I just have to get up and walk out the door. Before I did, I checked The Photographer’s Ephemeris. I’ve talked about TPE before, it’s a piece of software that no photographer should be without. TPE helps accurately plan where the light is going to be. I could talk forever about it. But I’ll save that for another time. I chose a location that was on the other side of Glendale Lake. I didn’t want to shoot from the same spot as I did last time. I have to admit that I sort of mis-calculated sunset. When I arrived I had only 20 minutes until the sun officially started to set. But in my head I thought that I had more time. I found a really nice spot right along the lake, but unfortunately I wouldn’t have captured the sunset the way I had envisioned. So I moved along. I’m not familiar with the park yet, but I found the marina. It was super cool and I want to go back for more shots. This time though I focused on the sunset. I made my way down to the beach area along the shore. It was clearly a spot that was liked by fishermen. I was running out of time, I chose a spot and quickly setup my gear. Took a few test shots to see how things would turn out. Made some adjustments and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. I ended up getting the shot I envisioned. It was so rewarding. Being out there treated to this beautiful sunset. Each sunset I’m able to enjoy is such a gift. It was a peaceful night as the sun set and it started to get dark. The park started to come alive! I enjoyed listening to the sounds. It was calming. At one point I turned around to see several deer grazing on the hillside. I find that I really like Prince Gallitzin more and more. Glendale Lake is stunning. I’m getting spoiled because again I was treated to another stunning sunset.

SLB Photography
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