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Forbes State Forest – Mountain Streams Adventure

It was a blistering 95 degrees and with humidity it felt like 105. There is a secluded trail system in Forbes State Forest that I just had to find. It’s been on my radar since last winter and I figured today would be the day to go looking. I found an old map from the internet and also picked up the Ohiopyle Purple Lizard map which also showed the trail system. Even still I always get so turned around in Forbes State Forest. Shortly after turning off of route 381 I hit what I thought was the trail head after seeing some signs. It wasn’t much, just a pull in on the side of the gravel road. Maybe 100 yards or so was a gate and I assumed that was the trail. It was a rocky stone path that I followed for about a mile. I could hear the call of the mountain stream from below the trail. It was taunting me because I didn’t see a way down and I couldn’t tell from the map if I would be crossing it anytime soon. To one side of the trail, the forest, with it’s overgrown deep brush and high grass. To the other side was a clearing of downed trees. After looking at the map more I decided to turn around and try to hit up another trail head in the area. I kept hearing the faint whooshing of the turnpike and the rushing stream down below. Thunder was in the distance and I expected it to rain. On my way back I found a foot path. I decided to take it down and soon enough I was in thick forest. I followed the deer tracks on the path and there it was Indian Creek. I don’t recommend following deer paths into the middle of the forest, it paid off this time. Indian Creek was rushing fast, it originates in Forest State Forest and is a complete mountain stream that is a tributary to the Youghiogheny River. The stream was gorgeous and it’s why I came. I set up the camera to make my first photos when I noticed a light mist coming from the stream. I realized because the humidity was so hot and the stream was so cold, pockets of mist formed. This was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I had hoped to find some fog and mist. I spent over an hour at the stream before I decided to follow the deer path back up to the trail and back to my car. I started to hear thunder in the distance again and wondered if I should head home or try to find the other trail head I was interested in. I decided to find the other trailhead but when I was pulling out of the parking area I saw another sign with the name of the trail and an arrow. So I went that way and ran right into another trailhead. This must have been the second one I saw on the map. This was a trail all-right. It was muddy and wet. My boots sunk in the mud for the first few hundred yards, so I tried to walk off the trail just a little bit to try to help minimize trail damage. A half mile or so in I came upon another creek and it had gobbled up the trail, the only way across was to ford it. So what the heck, ford it I did. I was interested in some of the rocks in the creek and decided to wade into the middle and set up the camera. The water was cold and now my socks were completely soaked, but it was worth it. It was getting late so I decided to head back to the car anyways. This was definitely an awesome adventure. I’m looking forward to going back to this little tract of the forest and hopefully I can figure out this entire trail!

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