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Ohiopyle Falls

Ohiopyle Falls – Light Up Night 2017

Ohiopyle Falls isn’t usually on display at night. I can’t really recall the last time I heard that the falls would be lit-up. It was turning out to be a nice evening so we decided to head up to Ohiopyle Falls to see the lights and maybe grab some hot chocolate in the little town of Ohiopyle. We arrived shortly after dark. There was a good crowd at the man-made overlooks that are right off the parking lot near the visitor center. It was really cool to see the falls lit-up like that. We walked down the path a little bit to the other area that was also lit-up, nicely flowing cascades just off of the main beach area above the falls. I knew there was another trail on Ferncliff that leads closer to the main falls. We decided to go for it. I knew there was an overlook. We took the Ferncliff trail to the overlook. It was weird because the spot-lights from the falls were so bright we couldn’t see the other side, but we knew that everyone on the other side could see us. It was a weir but neat feeling. We didn’t get have to get really close to the falls because the trail headed up and led right to the overlook. We got an amazing view from the other-side. It was peaceful to be out there knowing everyone else was on the other side. Ohiopyle Falls is certainly a sight to see all lit-up!

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