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Lower Jonathan Run Falls

Continuing on my Ohiopyle Adventure the next waterfall on my trip was Lower Jonathan Run. Now Jonathan Run trail is easily my favorite hike ever! In 2017 storms flooded the trail and damaged several of the bridges, it was impassable for quite some time until the non-profit group Friends of Ohiopyle was able to dedicated time and resources to rebuild the footbridges. I’ve been many times to Upper Jonathan Run and honestly always got trapped photographing there for hours on end that I never made it to the lower falls. Well that changed! I have to warn that if you do get to Lower Jonathan Run the climb down is NOT for faint of heart. If you doubt your abilities in any way, please stay on the trail. In fact, tennis shoes and sandals are NOT the right footwear for this trek. The ravine that leads into the gorge is quiet steep. So steep that some good soul rigged up a rope to assist anyone coming up or down. Once in the gorge you’re greeted by a beautiful 15-20 ft waterfall. Even though we haven’t had any good rains, Lower Jonathan Run was rushing pretty good. The spray from the falls made it difficult to capture. The beauty of the falls was well worth the journey. I had the place to myself for a long time before some other folks made their way down in to the gorge. By this time I realized it was late in the day to be out making photos of waterfalls and now realizing that it wouldn’t be raining, it was a good time to climb back up to the trail and head back, blue skies were overhead and the park was getting crowded. Next time, I’ll be sure to explore more of the valley below the falls.

Lower Jonathan Run Falls

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